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mySkin/Hair HOME

My small but strong ultra skincare

View the results of deep skin, hair, and scalp diagnosis using a 5-megapixel sensor directly at home.


Easy to diagnose your skin and hair

MySkin·Hair HOME is a skin, hair, and scalp analysis solution based on a minimalist design with just one-hand, ergonomic design, and high-quality imaging utilizing multiple optical lenses. It allows self-diagnosis expert-level not only at home but also anywhere. The device analyzes up to 8 skin items, and 6 hair and scalp items using optical modules of different spectra and optimized image data.

Skin: Moisture, Sebum, Impurities, Keratin, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots, Dark Circles

Hair and Scalp: Moisture, Oil, Keratin, Hair Density, Hair Thickness, Scalp Sensitivity



Simply, a home diagnostic device that collects only the core

An independent diagnostic tool with the best configuration and optimal structure for skin, hair, and scalp analysis. The minimalistic cube shape and ergonomic design allow the device to be used with one hand more efficiently making it easy to store and use. LEDs such as PPL, XPL, UVL, etc., and moisture sensors are applied, and it displays simple guidelines that automatically obtain sensor information with a single click and shoot.



User-friendly applications

Smart guides and an illustrated, intuitive user interface make the application more accessible and easier for non-experts to use. It supports all OS such as iOS and Android (AOS) and achieves continuous management by recording results, data-driven analysis, and tracking and recording results. 

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Guidelines for using mySkin/Hair HOME

Please refer to the manual

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