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CHOWIS CO., LTD. is a diagnostic and evaluation technology company specializing in optic, video image processing technology and software development.


Since 2012, our goal is to bring “Science to Home” by creating smart & mobile skin/hair solutions. We continuously develop ideas and realize them into hardware and software contents by adopting the latest technology. We have successfully built an array of state-of-the-art smart mobile solutions and provided added value to our clients, products and services.


With our most advanced products, we have been the best partner for global cosmetic and medical groups, as well as hospital and clinics seeking cutting-edge skin and hair diagnostic solutions and devices for various mobile platforms.


To make history for mobile skin & hair solution and to deliver only best-possible quality products and services to our customers around the world.


To lead the innovative technological advances in medical and

beauty industry in the next decade to come.



Our values are focused on providing “THE RIGHT PRODUCT, THE RIGHT PRICE, AND AT THE RIGHT TIME”



Chowis is always ready to make whatever internal changes needed in order to adapt efficiently to the changing world, as quickly as possible. Also, flexibility in day to day processes at the  office level make team work effective and give space for team members to accommodate personal styles and needs.



The Chowis company’s mission is to deliver “value-added”,  best quality products and services to its customers whenever they need most, at reasonable prices. Chowis team is dedicated to add more values to customers at every step in order to achieve goals.



At Chowis, every team member is an owner of his/her processes, they accept responsibility for their work and results. Accountability in all aspects on what they do individually or collectively, helps to promote team culture.



Chowis philosophy is that no one can grow individually. As the company grows, Chowis members learn new things and grow every day. This helps to cater a highly versatile business environment and allow Chowis members to develop their potential and challenge against their limit with no fear.



At Chowis we all work together, support and respect each other to achieve our individual and company goals. We all play an important role in our areas of work. We are one company with no “I” or “They” in it.


ADDRESS : A-1301-2, 184, Jungbu-daero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (17095)

TEL : +82.31.706.7950

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