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Mobile Diagnostic Solution for Cradle Type

It is an innovative product that won the 2019 COSMOPROF Award Design Award and a professional solution that analyzes skin, hair, and scalp through AI algorithms.

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Small, light pocket-sized solutions

It is a mobile professional diagnostic solution that can easy analyze skin, hair, and scalp anywhere by removing unnecessary wastes and attaching it to a mobile device. It analyzes 5 items of skin and 5 items of hair/scalp achieving high economic efficiency with a simple system and configuration

Diagnostic Items

Skin: Moisture, Oil, Pores, Sebum, Wrinkles

Hair and Scalp: Moisture, Sebum, Keratin, Hair Density, Scalp Condition

dermopico working


Slim-looking, Highly Portable Diagnostic Device

It is a skin diagnosis system with high portability, a lightweight, and slim appearance. Proprietary optical and sensory technology is used, with lenses that are 10 times larger than the skin and 30 times larger than the hair and scalp, respectively. Easily compatible with the "OS" operating system. It can be stored on all mobile devices such as Android and iOS and easily deleted if needed. It can be fully charged in about 2 hours, so it is convenient to carry. 



Simple but powerful applications

It is an intuitive interface that considers user convenience, and it is the best application to maximize the use of DermoPico by applying big data-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis algorithms to provide accurate analysis results. Features such as multiple languages, customer management (CRM), cloud integration, product recommendations, and result sharing make it ideal for professional use.

dermopico screen
dermopico brochure

Please refer to the manual for instructions

on using dermoPico.

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