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The Cradle Typein-Depth Analyzer. Master Solution
for Home Diagnosis.

This is an award-winning master home solution for

your skin/haircare that provides accurate AI skin

analysis from the small cradle type device.

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Incredibly Travel friendly.

Designed for professional as light concept diagnosis but very economical. When the device meets your smartphone, it will do the work to service your customer on site;


SKIN : Moisture, Sebum, Blackhead, White heads, Impurities, Wrinkles, Pores

HAIR : Scalp Moisture, Scalp Sebum, Scalp Impurities, Scalp Dead Skin Cells, Hair Density

The science behind it;

  • 2 LED modality (UVL & VSL)

  • Moisture Sensor: T Zone Moisture/U-Zone Moisture

  • Lighting technology for 3D display (for Wrinkle, Pores)

dermopico working


Meet your customers
Where they are.

Slim & Slick yet amazingly smart dermoPico is;

  • Convenient to travel around

  • Optimal for space usability, even for professional purpose in stores


Suitable for any professional, clinic, beauty brands and stores, spas. 



Simple yet powerful.

Our smart design with user-friendly software dermo Pico app makes it ideal to provide advice for care or product recommendation to help improve overall skin/hair and scalp health.

  • CRM

  • Analysis Report

  • Advice for customized treatment

  • Product Recommendation

  • Share result via Email/SNS

  • Cloud connected

  • Multi language support : Korean, English, Chinese, Russian

dermopico screen
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Please refer to the brochure

for dermoPico below.

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