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mySkin/Hair KIOSK

Self-operating system is contactless and looking

for products for me

Even without experts, customers who visit the store

can directly analyze the condition of their skin and

hair/scalp through self-service kiosks and receive

best product recommendations. From analysis to

purchase, one-step service is achieved


Quick and Accurate Customer Support Solution combined with DermoSmart

The kiosk smart guides you through the diagnostic steps with ease. Acquire multiple images simultaneously and automatically analyze results for all diagnostic items. A professional diagnostic device, DermoSmart, is supported and can be stored in the kiosk's integrated stand. The cradle has its own UV hygienic lamp, so it is always hygienic for most people. 

Analysis Items

Skin: Moisture, Sebum, Spots, Wrinkles, Pores, Sensitivity

Hair and Scalp: Hair Density, Sebum, Dead Skin Cells, Moisture, Sensitivity

myskinhair kios features.jpg
myskinhair kios features.jpg
myskinhairkiosk design.png


Provides Customization Support

In addition to basic specifications, Kiosk also supports customization according to user needs, which can be applied as functional interior decoration elements to the desired places. In addition, through application customization, this can help enhance advertising effectiveness and brand image.



An application that enhances User- friendliness through an Intuitive Interface

MySKIN/HAIR KIOSK records and collects visitor information through the configuration file registration function supports an automated customer management process (CRM), and provides accurate analysis results through various spectral optical modules and AI algorithms, including general light-polarized moisture sensors. In addition, based on the analysis results, management information and product recommendations are provided to guide users in purchasing products.

myskinhairkiosk app.png
myskinhairkiosk app.png
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For instructions on using mySkin/Hair KIOSK,

refer to the manual

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