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Overwhelming space utilization

Ultra-Compact AI Solution for Full-Face Skin Diagnosis

Create spatial identity through bold deviation from large diagnostic device specs and securing space through the ultra-small sizing of diagnostic systems.


AI Full Face Skin Diagnosis Solution for Professionals

DermoFAIN is a compact and lightweight system that merges advanced technologies for professionals. This includes Chowice's unique optical analysis, AI algorithms, and big data, to provide scientific skin analysis information on a total of eight items.

Analysis Items

Pores, wrinkles, dark circles, moisture, sebum, pigmentation, blemishes, sensitivity (redness)



Highly compatible, ultra-small diagnostic solution

Designed with a unique sticker and magnetic attachment medthod, this system allows easy and repeated detachment for analyzing the whole mobile device face without causing damage. Its compact, sleek design with a one-handed operation and evenly positioned LED offers ideal conditions for optimal, high-quality skin analysis images.



Innovative analysis applications using AI algorithms

This app ensures user convenience through smart guides using illustrations and images. It uses three-angle photography to analyze often overlooked skin conditions in different lighting, providing scientific and professional results via advanced AI algorithms.

DermoFAIN app_보정본.jpg
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