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dermosmart plus


Professionals solution for diagnosis of skin, hair, and scalp

Meet the professional skin, hair and scalp diagnostic system, which possess efficiency in all aspects of function, space, and price with minimal design and professional analysis.


Small but strong skin and
hair scalp diagnostic solution

It is a skin, hair, and scalp analysis solution that can easily diagnose anytime, anywhere based on a minimal and ergonomic design that can be operated with one hand, and high-definition images using various optical lenses. Analyze up to 8 skin items, 6 hair and scalp items, respectively, with optical modules of the varying spectrum and optimized quality image data

Analysis Items

Skin: Moisture, Oil, Pores, Spots, Wrinkles, Sebum, Dead Skin, Skin Sensitivity

Hair and scalp: Hair Density, Hair Thickness, Keratin, Hair Loss, Scalp Sensitivity, Scalp Condition

dermo smart plus Features
dermo smart plus design


Simple and Smart Diagnostic Device

A diagnostic device with the best configuration for skin and hair and scalp analysis and with a cube-shaped minimal and ergonomic design that combines a cradle and diagnostic device allows one-handed operation. With its built-in rechargeable battery, it can be used as a portable device anywhere, such as pop-up stores, salons, and spas, and it boasts an easy-to-use method that automatically obtains sensor information with a single click.


Best Applications
for Professionals

Applications optimized for professional use in laboratories, clinics, cosmetics brands, and more. You can configure personalized programs within the application and record your analysis information and history into customer data to help establish a seamless customer communication environment, professional customer consultation, and continuous customer management. In particular, it supports the sales business with recommended products and management registration features and helps strengthen the brand image by enabling them to customize the application theme.

dermo smart plus app
dermo smart plus APP
dermo smart plus brochure

Please refer to the manual for instructions

on how to use Dermosmart.

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