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  • What operating systems are required for device and software operation?
    Chowice supports both Android and iOS operating systems. 5.0 (Lolipop) or later for Android and OS 11 or later for iOS.
  • Can I use it on my cell phone? Is there an application?
    Yes, most of our applications are compatible with Android and iOS-based mobile phones
  • Is it certified as FCC, CE, etc?
    Yes, the diagnostic devices in our system are certified by CE, FCC, etc.
  • Can I customize the tablet program for my business?
    Yes, we can customize and develop according to your requirements. (Additional costs may be incurred depending on the terms of the contract.)
  • Can I install and use the application on a tablet or PC?
    Most software is available for tablets. However, this diagnostic device does not work properly on PCs and is not recommended.
  • Can I wipe the lens?
    Since the diagnostic lens has a complex structure and a delicate design, we recommend that you follow the instruction manual provided at the time of purchase. If you are unsure of the exact method, please contact the support.
  • How long does it take to repair the lens?
    The repair time varies depending on the type and condition of the device error. It usually takes about 7 business days, excluding the shipping period. Please contact for exact period.
  • Does the diagnostic device charge while the power is off?
    The diagnostic device is charged regardless of the power condition.
  • What's the difference between DermoPrime and DermoSmart? I also wonder if the software is included in the product.
    Both DermoPrime and Dermosmart are professional systems. However, in some cases, Dermo Prime can diagnose both the skin, hair, and scalp by changing the lens of the diagnostic device. However, Dermosmart's skin, hair, and scalp models are separate products. Both diagnostics come with DermoBella Skin and Hair 2 EVO software. For more information on the two products, please visit the PRODUCT page on our homepage.
  • Does it work right after installation? Or do I need a separate installation process?
    The diagnostic device must be paired with a tablet, smartphone, etc. The software is available on Google Play or App Store and can be easily understood by reading the user manual included in the package or watching the tutorial video on the homepage.
  • Do I need a special power outlet depending on the region to use the device?
    We understand that outlet specifications vary by location. Therefore, depending on the country or region, we provide the sockets required by regulations.
  • I checked the Wi-Fi name (SSID) in my tablet settings, but when I select a Wi-Fi name, the Wi-Fi does not connect.
    1. If you have the program installed on multiple tablets and the tablet you want to use is near another tablet that has the program installed, the device may not be able to connect because it is already connected to another tablet. You can disconnect the WiFi connection to another tablet PC, reboot the device, and connect again. 2. In the latest version of the tablet, if you don't connect to WiFi for a long period of time, your tablet's WiFi is considered disabled. Therefore, when you try to connect to WiFi, you may not be able to connect. - In the Wi Fi settings screen, long press the device's Wi Fi name, select 'Don't Save', then select the Wi Fi name and reconnect.
  • The device does not turn on.
    If the battery of the diagnostic device is not charged, the power will not turn on, so please charge the diagnostic device for about 2 hours. Please check the user manual included with the diagnostic device for how to charge.
  • The image on the screen slows down or freezes while shooting.
    There are two cases of speed problems on the shooting screen. First, it is caused by Wi-Fi interference, and in this case, please change the Wi-Fi channel of the diagnostic device. See Change Wi-Fi Channel for instructions on how to set it up. In another case, due to the battery level, please check the battery level in the upper left corner of the screen and continue charging the battery if the battery level is red.
  • Diagnostic device and tablet are not connected (bad Wi-Fi connection)
    1. Check the charging status of your tablet or smartphone and the device. When the battery level drops below 20%, the Wi-Fi connection level will drop to allow the device to fully charge. 2. If you are using the device on multiple tablets or smartphones, the diagnostic tool may be connected to another tablet or smartphone. In this case, find the connected mobile device and disconnect it. 3. Check if the WiFi icon in the lower right corner of the application's main screen is active. If the WiFi icon is disabled, please click the icon to see the SSID and connect to WiFi.
  • The LED light went off and stopped working while using the skin diagnostic device.
    Skin diagnostics include LED off and sleep mode to prevent battery consumption. 1. LED OFF: This function turns off the LED first if the skin diagnostic device is not used for about 10 seconds. At this time, if you press the shooting button of the skin diagnostic device, the LED turns on and you can take pictures. 2. Sleep mode: A feature that automatically turns off the power when the skin analyzer is not used for more than 10 minutes. In this case, please power the device back on.
  • How does the diagnostic device connect to the app? If connecting via Bluetooth, does it come with a cable in case the Bluetooth pairing doesn't work?
    The diagnostic device is connected by Wi-Fi. However, just in case, we provide additional cables.
  • How can sebum and dead skin cells be measure?
    Sebum and dead skin cells use oil paper and dead skin tape, respectively. 1. Sebum: Place the sebum paper close to the area you want to measure and press lightly for about 3 seconds. Remove the oil paper and take a picture with a diagnostic device. At this time, put the sebum paper close so that there is no gap on the filming screen. 2. Dead skin: Remove the film from the keratin tape and attach it to the area you want to measure. After removing the keratin tape, take a picture of the attachment surface with a diagnostic device. At this time, place the keratin tape close so that there are no gaps in the shooting screen.
  • How can moisture be measured?
    If you look at the front of the lens of the skin diagnostic device, you can see a metal moisture sensor. Lightly touch the moisture sensor to the skin and press the shooting button.
  • Handset Image Brightness Issue Test: When I took a skin image with a tablet PC, the image was too bright. When I run the program, this issue is fine for a while, but I had this issue with every capture image.
    If there is a problem with the image brightness of the diagnostic device, please restart the program. If restarting the program does not resolve the issue, re-enter the optical number and press the camera button on the diagnostic device for approximately 10 seconds to continue the reset. When using Dermo Prime, make sure the diagnostic device and lens are properly connected.
  • The UV lamp is out of order.
    First, plug the DermoPrime docking station into a power outlet, turn it on, and make sure the power light is on. Place the handset in the docking station when the device is powered on to see if it is charging. 1. Once the handset is charged, tap the UV lamp inside the docking station. If the UV lamp does not work after waiting, please contact the supplier. 2. If your device does not charge, place of purchase.
  • Attempting to pair the tablet does not connect, or the application continues to crash during analysis.
    If you have previously paired the diagnostic device with another tablet, make sure you have removed the SSID from the WiFi list on that tablet.
  • Some diagnostic items such as skin sebum, pores, and scalp dead skin cells cannot be imaged.
    In the case of DermoPrime, please remove the lens and attach it again, and for other diagnostic devices, press the camera button lightly for about 10 seconds to reset it. If the same problem persists after the above process, please contact the support.
  • What are the mobile device specifications of for using Dermobella?
    The minimum mobile specifications for using our software are as follows. RAM: 2GB Screen resolution: 10.1 inches, 1280x800, 160ppi
  • I'm using the app on my iOS tablet and it takes time every time I try to take an image.
    Please make sure your iOS and software are up to date.
  • Are there any instructions for charging the diagnostic device?
    Depending on the environment and conditions, diagnostic device buffering usually takes about 2 hours. When charging the diagnostic device, please check the charging pin first, then turn off the power.
  • After the IOS update, the device was connected, but the connection status was unstable. It turned off after 3-5 seconds of connection.
    Turn the device off and on while connected to the app. If there is no problem with the plug portal, the 'red' indicator should be activated. Please contact the support if you still have problems following the guidelines.
  • I've connected to device via WiFi on iOS, why isn't it pairing with the application?
    On the settings page of your mobile device, tap the app and make sure that the status is set to Always.
  • How do I replace DermoPrime's skin and hair diagnostic lenses?
    For skin and hair lenses, the holder under the diagnostic lens can be pulled down and the lens can be pulled out by holding it slightly. When replacing the lens, check the direction of the slot for the holder, and slide the holder slightly while pulling it down so as not to damage the connector.
  • The diagnostic device indicating a higher temperature .
    Because the optical unit lens consists of many LEDs, long continuous use can cause heat in the diagnostic unit. If the device is displaying high temperature, turn off the device immediately and stop using it until the heat cools down. If the high temperature persists afterwards, please contact customer support. In addition, be careful not to turn on the power when charging the diagnostic unit as it will cause overheating.
  • How can skin tone be measure?
    After taking a full shot, each RGB value is measured by classifying parts by face area. It is then calculated by applying a series of calculation expressions to the extracted region-specific RGB values and skin tone RGB values.
  • How does the sensor measure the moisture level?
    The moisture values measured by the water sensor on the diagnostic device are classified by interval, corrected for possible deviations on each device, and calculated using a series of expressions.
  • How can blemishes and redness be measured?
    For blemishes, they are calculated as brightness values. We give the first value according to the degree of darkness, and we give the second value to the degree of darkness around. The index is calculated by combining the two and then dividing them by the image size value. Redness is detected by color difference method. The light and dark values of the detected area are different from the surroundings in the R and G color channels of the RGB image, and the redness index is calculated as a combination of the difference and constant values of the two color channels, and then divided by the image size values.
  • How can impurities be measure?
    Impurities contained in sebum appears as a scarlet light in response to ultraviolet light in a specific wavelength range. It also detects yellow and green light that blocks pores, and the index is calculated as a percentage of image size.
  • How much time and money does software development take?
    Depends on your requirements.
  • Can I get image data taken with another microscope?
    Unfortunately, image data taken under different microscopes cannot provide appropriate diagnostic results.
  • Is it possible to develop diagnostic software for self-diagnosis?
    Yes, it is possible if you let me know the detailed conditions. Please contact for more information.
  • I'd like to know if black skin is also measurable and if you have analysis data on black skin.
    Yes, our products can measure skin types in all areas, including blacks, whites, Asians, etc. Regarding skin type analysis, development and updates are continuously carried out to enable more detailed work.
  • How long can I save my customer profile? How many customer databases can you store?
    Currently, Chowis customer databases are stored in the cloud, so there are no limits on capacity and duration.
  • Can hair and scalp diagnostic software automatically compare and analyze previous and new results within the same customer profile?
    Yes, hair and scalp diagnostic software, as well as skin diagnostic software, record the same customer's diagnostic history and can compare new and previous diagnostic results.
  • What is the Expert mode of the software? Is this for both DermoPrime and DermoPico?
    Expert mode is a license rating that applies to software use, which applies to dermoPrime, but not to dermoPico. When using Expert mode, additional measurement items such as skin sensitivity and skin tone across the entire spectrum are added.
  • Is there an annual fee for software and updates?
    There is no annual fee for software and updates, but there is a charge if you request a partial software license upgrade.
  • Can I customize my cosmetics recommendations?
    Yes, you can customize it. Allows you to select images to include in product recommendations
  • Is there a system that photographs and analyzes the entire face, not just a part?
    MySkin F.A.I.N, dermoFAIN is an AI full face skin diagnosis system that uses a mobile device to photograph the entire face in addition to the skin close diagnosis items and then analyzes the skin using an AI algorithm. In addition, dermoChoice, a web-based skin analysis system, analyzes skin elements through full face scan.
  • What is the software update cycle? I would also like to know how to update the software.
    Chowis continues to update its software to improve functionality and analytical experience. Technically, updates occur about 1-2 months. Updates can be made directly on Google Play or the App Store, and major updates will be sent to you via email.
  • Why are the results the same when I used DermoPrime for multiple people?
    First, please check whether there are any problems in the diagnostic process such as moisture measurement, sebum and dead skin cells, and whether age and gender are correctly selected before analysis. In addition, skin type classification is shown and classified based on a specific score range, so even if the scores for each item are different, they may fall into the same category depending on the customer's age or gender.
  • Is it possible to use a different version of the software?
    Yes, Dermobella 2 offers three licenses: STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERT.
  • Why does the captured image appear too bright for skin analysis?
    If there is a difference in lighting due to the focus of the shooting screen, there may be a difference in the brightness of the image.
  • Where is the information collected from the app stored?
    All customer information is kept in the cloud.
  • Can users permanently delete customer information (not just in the app, but in the cloud)?
    You can delete customer information yourself in the app you are using. However, if you wish to delete customer information stored in the cloud, please contact Chowis support.
  • How long will customer data be held?
    Customer data is retained in accordance with privacy policy matters.
  • Is the information collected from the app shared with third parties?
    No, collection information is not shared.
  • Does Chowis directly use the collected customer information? (e.g., algorithm improvement)
    Chowis uses only information from images and metadata (age, gender) to improve analysis algorithms, but not all other customer data.
  • What does the user need to grant access to the application?
    Location, camera, Wi-Fi.
  • It keeps stalling while downloading software.
    In China, Internet security policies can temporarily block large files only. Even if it is not China, the same phenomenon occurs when the Internet environment is not good. In this case, we recommend that you proceed with the download in a better Internet environment.
  • A message appears indicating that the optic number is invalid.
    Please double check if the optical number you entered is not wrong. If the same message appears even though you entered it correctly, please contact the administrator as the optical number is not registered on the server.
  • Password is invalid and will be asked to re-enter it.
    Please check again if the password is entered correctly. If you forget your password, please press 'Forget Password' in the application to get a temporary password, log in, and change the password in the setting.
  • After attempting to download and install the Dermobella Skin app, the user fails to download and a package error pop-up appears.
    In case of a package error pop-up, we recommend that you download it again from the beginning.
  • Will there be additional maintenance costs after development is complete, or do I have to pay monthly (or yearly) maintenance fees?
    Not required. There will be no annual or maintenance costs after development is completed. If you are asked to pay extra to resolve this issue, please report it.
  • Can I get AS in Asia including Europe, Africa, and China?
    First, please contact the place where you purchased the product. If you can't find an agent, or if you have purchased a product directly from us, please send an email to with an optic number.
  • Can I change my tablet application to suit my business?
    Yes, we can customize it according to your requirements. (Additional costs may be incurred depending on the terms of the contract.)
  • Can I change the layout (color, style, font)?
    Yes, you can change the layout. However, details (color code, font style, etc.) must be provided.
  • Can I change the logo of the software to another logo?
    Yes, you can change the logo. Please consult your sales representative or contact us at with an explanation.
  • Can you put our brand or brand logo on the product?
    Yes, you can add a brand logo to the system. Please consult your sales representative or contact us at for requirements.
  • What is the most client base?
    Major customers include aesthetic shops, salons, custom cosmetics markets, hospitals and pharmacies, and AI and IoT markets.
  • Can I rent it? How much does it cost?
    Yes, we can provide sample products. Please contact us at with a brief description of the usage.
  • What accessories do you offer?
    Although there are some configuration differences for each diagnostic device, it comes with a manual, adapter, cleaner, air blower, oil paper, keratin tape, etc. Please contact the place of purchase for details.
  • Does it come with a tablet?
    International shipping is restricted from delivering devices with lithium-ion batteries. Feel free to contact your sales representative for more information.
  • We want to test your product, what should we do?
    Please contact us at or at 031-706-7950.
  • I'd like to request a list of devices and a distribution price
    For more information, please contact your sales representative or email
  • I'd like to request an order condition
    For more information, please contact your sales representative or email
  • I'd like to request an HS code
    HS code is 9031-49-9000
  • What are the service and warranty terms for these devices?
    The standard warranty period is 13 months. To ensure the smooth operation of the product, we recommend immediate testing and inquiries upon receipt of the product.
  • How long does it take to deliver the product?
    It depends on the quantity purchased, but usually takes 4-8 weeks after placing the order. If it is possible to ship directly from the warehouse, expect 2-4 weeks.
  • Do I have to pay a separate fee for system training? I would like to know how long the training on the system will be and if there is a limit to the number of people who can participate in the training.
    There is no separate fee for training to use the system. However, in general, system training is based on online tutorials such as videos and manuals, and video training is only done for the problems that have already occurred. There are no specific restrictions on the number of people who can participate in the training.
  • Do these devices require a license (e.g. CQC, special treatment license)?
    No specific license is required.
  • Is there any service related to product recommendation or management?
    It has skin/scalp care and product recommendations, which are available to professionals who conduct diagnostics.
  • Can I connect WiFi and devices at the same time?
    Yes, there is an AP mode that can be used by connecting Wi-Fi and diagnostics at the same time. To connect through AP mode 1. Reset the analyzer by pressing the camera button for 10 seconds until the LED flashes red. 2. Press the connection icon on the main screen of Dermobella 2 EVO. 3. Select a connection via AP mode. 4. Press 'Search' to select the Wi-Fi channel to use for the connection, and enter the password. 5. After a successful configuration, press the '+' button to connect the device to the Chowis AP. 6. Select the SSID for the device and press Continue. 7. A pop-up message appears when the connection completes successfully.
  • How can I analyze it when there is no Wi-Fi router there?
    If you don't have a Wi-Fi router, use device mode for connection and mobile data analysis. To connect a device through a device connection: 1. Reset the analyzer by pressing the camera button for 10 seconds until the LED flashes red. (The analyzer must remain on at reset) 2. Please click the connection icon on the homepage of the Dermobella Skin 2 app. 3. Select Device Connections 4. Click "Search" and select the SSID for the device. 5. If the connection is successfully established, a success massage will appear. 6. After making all measurements, press the ANALYZE button and select the "Mobile Data" option for analysis. "
  • Can I use my personal hotspot to establish an AP mode connection?
    Yes, you can use your personal hotspot to establish an AP mode connection.
  • Unable to find the SSID for the device in WiFi Manager
    Reset the analyzer by pressing the camera button for 10 seconds until the LED flashes red. (The analyzer must remain on at reset)
  • Where is all the information stored? Is it saved on the CHOWIS server?
    Because all analysis is done through the cloud, all information is also stored on the Chowis server.
  • Is it possible to save data on a user's server rather than a Chowis server?
    It is possible, but further development is required.
  • Can a centralized CRM allow all stores to access the same CRM?
    We have a separate platform called Partner DB that provides centralized CRM. Please contact us separately for the use and information of the platform.
  • Is it possible to analyze without the Internet?
    Applications operate on cloud and AI technologies, so basically you need an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. However, we are gradually trying to develop and apply offline analysis functions.
  • Is there a license fee?
    Yes, an annual fee will be charged if you upgrade your license. The annual fee varies depending on the license version.
  • How many images should be taken per measurement?
    "Moisture measurement - one measurement per side (T&U zone), sebum measurement - one image on both sides of the sebum indicator (T&U zone) Keratin-1Image of keratin tape Remaining measurements - up to 5 images"
  • Can I put more than 1 product recommendation image per measurement?
    It is possible, but additional requirements are required. We can create custom apps based on your needs.
  • Where is your server located? Do you comply with GDPR?
    Data servers are located in South Korea and the United States, respectively, and Chowis complies with the GDPR (Privacy Regulations).
  • Can I still use my old dpviso or dsviso device in Dermobella 2?
    Yes, it is possible, but there are restrictions. The AP mode feature is not available and you must switch from the device to Wi-Fi connection several times.
  • When you use device mode, you can see that the dashboard details are empty. Is there a problem with the app?
    It's normal. When connected to the device, the Internet connection is lost, and the details of the dashboard are cloud-based, so it will not be displayed until you reconnect to the Internet
  • Where is customer information stored? I go into device mode and register a new client, so it says access the internet again.
    Customer information is stored on the cloud Chowis server. You must be connected to the Internet to store customer information well. This only happens when you use device mode. In AP mode, there is no disruption to storing customer information and using the instrument for analysis.
  • Some images have been shown to have zero results. Is there an automatic reporting of this error?
    There is no automatic reporting, but if you report such a case, we can identify it and help you. This usually happens when an image is not being taken properly and the app is not analyzing the image well.
  • Why are there 2 QR codes?
    The QR code on the device itself contains only Optic Number information and is intended for production. Stickers with QR codes include the optical number, serial number, and device's SSID information for the client.
  • Does the app update automatically? How often do you update?
    It depends on whether your tablet is set to auto-update. Otherwise, you will be notified that a new version is available. We will also notify you via email if there are any new updates to Chowis.
  • If there is an app update, will the data be affected? How secure is our data? Can I create a backup like before?
    The data will not be affected even if the app update proceeds. Data can be created when a backup is requested.

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