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mySkin F.A.I.N

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My own skin type amazing technology AI facial skin analysis solution

Now check out expert-level, accurate analysis of the entire face with smart AI full-face skin analysis solutions at home.


Contactless, full-face skin analysis solution

MySkin FAIN is an ultra-small AI full-face skin analysis solution that won the Good Design selection by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Innovation Award at CES 2023. The device analyzes a total of 7 analysis items using Chowis unique optical technology, AI algorithms, and big data.

Analysis Items

Moisture, pores, wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes, sensitivity (redness), pigmentation

AI Skin Analysis
Online Skin Analysis


Science in Design

MySkin FAIN has a circular design for shape stability and a smooth surface for better grip. MySkin FAIN is a device in the form of a clip with a rubber seal. It can be easily removed without damaging your mobile device or preventing it from slipping. There are no restrictions on the size or device used, so it is compatible with all types of mobile devices and tablets.​



Easy Setup,
Intuitive Applications

Smart guides using illustrations and an interface that intuitively expresses composition and progress are supported by applications that prioritize user convenience while making the most of mySkin FAIN. The app adds the skin experts' opinions to each article, accurately and concisely analyzes high-resolution image data based on learned AI algorithms and big data, and provides results.

Mobile hair analyzer
myskin fain

Please refer to the manual for instructions

on how to use mySkin F.A.I.N.

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