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hair analysis
Hair and scalp analysis software

While leading the skin and hair diagnostic systems market, Chowis solutions provide continuous customer-tailored services with state-of-the-art AI and deep learning technologies, and have a unique market share.


dermoBella Hair2


Dermobella Hair 2 is a professional hair and scalp diagnostic system that can diagnose a variety of hair and scalp items and recommend products and services based on analysis results. Used with DermoPrime Hair or DermoSmart Hair, it is supported for each operating system, including iOS and Android (AOS).

You can set up and use personal programs by selecting only the items you want to diagnose yourself, and you can establish a smooth customer communication environment by checking changes in hair and scalp conditions through customer analysis and historical data. The app automatically analyzes the following six hair and scalp items in batches.

Hair Loss.png

Hair loss

Hair Thickness.png


Scalp Condition.png

Hair Condition

Hair Keratin.png


Hair Sensitivity.png


Hair Density.png



The dermoBella Hair2 app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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