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Hair Measurement

A comprehensive portfolio of hair diagnostic system from Chowis is designed to capture information and give intelligence for better decision based on its analysis result on 5 areas;

Hair Hydration

Hair Hydration

피부가 머금고 있는 수분량이 부족하면 이로 인해 유·수분 밸런스가 무너지게 되는데, 두피 또한 수분이 부족하여 건조해지면 각질을 유발하여 가렵고 두피 건강이 저하됩니다. 특히 두피 건조가 심해지면 가려움증으로 긁어 생기는 흉터와 염증 반응, 심할 경우 탈모로 이어질 수 있다. 수분은 진단기의 수분 센서를 통해 측정된 수분 값을 구간별로 분류한 뒤, 기기마다 있을 수 있는 편차에 보정값을 적용한 후 일련의 식을 통해 결과를 계산합니다.

Scalp Sebum

Scalp Sebum

두피의 머리카락 근처에는 피지를 분비하는 피지선이 있기 때문에 피부 부위에 비해 상대적으로 피지 분비가 왕성합니다. 또한 혈관과 신경이 더 풍부하게 발달되어 있어 매우 민감하기 때문에 햇빛, 스트레스 등의 요인에 쉽게 영향을 받으며, 분비량이 과도한 경우에는 각질과 결헙하여 모공을 막게 되어 트러블을 유발합니다. 두피의 유분은 PPL을 사용하여 피부에 쌓인 피지의 양을 감지합니다.

Hair analysis

Hair Impurities

두피는 피부의 일부분으로 기본적으로 비슷한 구조를 가지고 있으나, 다른 외피보다 혈관과 모낭이 많이 분포되어 있으며, 복잡하고 피지선이 많습니다. 두피에 피지가 많이 과도하게 분비되면 탈모를 불러 일으키며, 분비된 피지가 두피 내 모공을 막아 모발에 영양 공급과 순환 기능을 떨어트려 두피가 붉게 변하고 국소적으로 충혈되어 모발의 굵기에도 영향을 미칩니다. UVL 조명을 사용하여 두피를 촬영하고 피지량을 측정합니다.

hair analysis
Hair Impurities



The outmost layer of the skin is keratin consisting of dead cells. This falls before long by living cells rising underneath. It is hard to be detected normally as the size is too small, but it can cause different kinds of scalp or hair trouble by creating layers once mixed with oil.
By blocking the scattered light of White LED, we can check the clearer and precise image of the status of dead skin.

The captured scalp keratin images and result of detected images:

​A dead skin cell is detected as white color but it cannot be detected accurately by simple comparison in brightness. As the area around relatively dark hair is also bright, bright area against surroundings is first detected and then remove the value of hair. The index is computed by percentage ratio of detected area.

hair analyser
Scalp Keratin

Hair Thickness

Depending on the thickness of hair, it is divided as thin hair in 0.05~0.07mm, normal hair in 008~0.09mm, thick hair called terminal hair in 0.1~0.15mm. Hair becomes thinner due to various reasons such as accumulation of chemical materials from a perm or dying, shrinking of the pore by waste on the scalp, bad eating habit, stress, etc., which also result in hair loss.

The screenshot of the hair thickness image:

​Once hair selected from the captured image, the program automatically analyzes thickness of hair and shows the result value. If multiple hairs analyzed, an average value is also computed and shown.

hair analysis image
Hair Thickness



Hair density analysis is used to check hair loss status. A new hair that rises by cell division has 3-6 years of life expectancy. The hair degenerates and goes into the telogen period. Through 3-5 months, a new hair rises gradually again while pushing the dormant hair to fall out. This repeats throughout life. As degeneration is accelerated, the time for normal hair to be kept shortens and the number of normal hair decreases as a result. It is considered normal if a person has an average of 150-200 hair over 1 cm2 in Caucasian. Hair density analysis can measure the average hair over the defined size.

The screenshot of the hair density image:

​Once the number of hair per pore touched, the analysis program calculates the number of current hair from captured image based on hair detection method. Then, it automatically computes the number of hair/1cm2.

hair analysis screen
Hair Density

Scalp Sensitivity

Sensitive scalp reacts very sensitively even to mild stimulus with irritation or fever as capillaries are expanded. The stress and overwork make the scalp tense and cause blood circulation disorder, which makes the tissue thinner. As a result, it is itchy, scarlet spots or capillary seen here and there at the surface.
By blocking only the light reflected by the surface of the scalp, we can check the sensitivity reaction of the skin layer under the scalp.

The captured scalp sensitivity images and result of detected images:

​The dark color area is first detected by brightness value, the value of the color difference is used to remove melanin (brown) color, then only sensitive area with scarlet color remain. Hair is separately detected and removed beforehand. The numerical value is computed by brightness value. It gives its first weighted value based on the degree of darkness and second weighted value on the degree of darkness against surrounding. The index is calculated by combining the two and then dividing it by image size value.

scalp senstivity
Scalp Sensitivity

Hair Loss

Various types of hair loss occur due to various reasons such as male hormone, scalp disease, stress, and bad habit, etc. It is necessary to check the type of hair loss first and to understand the status of hair by analyzing the thickness, density, and others of the areas where hair loss is suspected and where is normal, and then to select a suitable treatment method.

The screenshot of hair loss type image:

Hair Loss
Hair Condition

Hair Condition

Hair condition is measured combining the questionnaire method to assess hydration and using a sebum tape accessory to capture and analysis the oiliness of the scalp.

The screenshot of the hair condition image:

​Scalp Sebum is measured by using sebum indicator and captured by the device camera to detect condition of the scalp

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