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More intelligent solutions, with surprisingly accurate results

Best solution for professionals, increase your expertise and strengthen your brand power with multi-lens in one handset.


Selectable lens and Professionalism

It is a multi-type solution that allows analysis on skin, hair and scalp with two options through replaceable lenses. The 5-megapixel image sensor can magnify the skin by 20 times and the scalp by about 50 times with special lenses designed to match the analysis item. The professional applications DermoBella Skin and Hair2EVO work together to provide professional and scientific analysis results.

Analysis Items

Skin: Moisture, Oil, Pores, Blemishes, Wrinkles, Sebum, Dead Skin, Skin Sensitivity

Hair and scalp: Hair density, Hair thickness, Keratin, Hair loss, Scalp sensitivity, Scalp Condition

Online Skin Analysis
Moisture Analyzer


Safely and hygienically,
handy diagnostic device

The cradle has a built-in UV sterilization lamp to maintain the hygiene of the contact surfaces of the lens at all times, thereby ensuring customer confidence in safety. The interchangeable lenses are each designed in the best shape for skin, hair and scalp analysis, and are lightweight and handy to match professional analysis for reasonable space utilization and high efficiency.



Best Applications
for Professionals

Applications optimized for professional use in laboratories, clinics, cosmetics brands, and more. You can configure personalized programs within the application and record your analysis information and history into customer data to help establish a seamless customer communication environment, professional customer consultation, and continuous customer management. In particular, it supports the sales business with recommended products and management registration features and helps strengthen the brand image by enabling them to customize the application theme.

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Please refer to the manual for instructions

on using DermoPrime.

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