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mySkin/Hair ECO

The Cradle Type
in-Depth Analyzer.
Master Solution
for Home Diagnosis.

This is an award-winning master home solution for your skin/haircare that provides accurate AI skin analysis from the small cradle type device.


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mySkin_Hair ECO.png


Simple attachment,
Seamless Application.

With portability and accuracy in mind, this economically priced minimal device measures your skin and hair condition when using the app in your smartphone;


SKIN : Moisture, Sebum, Impurities, Wrinkles, Pores

HAIR : Scalp Moisture, Scalp Sebum, Scalp Impurities, Scalp Dead Skin Cells, Hair Density



The science behind it;

  • 2 LED modality (UVL & VSL)

  • Moisture Sensor: T Zone Moisture/U-Zone Moisture

  • Lighting technology for 3D display (for Wrinkle,  Pores)

Keep a digital record of results in the app and get recommendation on how to improve your skin/hair based on the accurate analysis.



Slim & Slick,
Amazingly Smart.

mySkin/Hair ECO gives you far more than you expect from such super slim and slick device.


With its magnet guide or mobile holder, you can easily attach & detach the device for your regular check up. Plus it can be used anywhere you go as long as your phone is with you  so that you can keep track of your skin or hair conditions on daily basis.




Delight in this sleek, portable, user-friendly device with BLE connectivity and longer battery life. 


This very handy device enables easy automatic pairing with its dermoPico app in your smartphone and easy to use with simple and user-centric UI.


The app services;

  • Analysis Report

  • Product Recommendation

  • Share result via Email/SNS

  • Track and Record your Data

  • Cloud Connected


For More Information

Please refer to the brochure for mySkin/Hair ECO below.

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