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Power AI solution.
Advanced for Professional

Discover an ideal partner for professionals in concept beauty,  cosmetic brand companies, salons, spas, pop-up stores. With live videos, it is accurately capture and analyze, automatically record all your customers’ data in a way that you explore the many dimensions.

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Advance solution in style.

See how your conditions are in real time and compater before and after. It can measure 6 categories each for skin and hair;


SKIN : Hydration, Sebum, Pore, Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Porphyrin

HAIR : Scalp Moisture, Scalp Sebum, Scalp Impurities, Scalp Dead Skin Cells, Hair Density


The science behind is;


  • Hydration sensor

  • Automatic camera mode selection

  • Multi-LED technology: VSL, cross-polarized light  (XPL), Ultra-Violet LED Lights (UVL)

  • Bidirectional communication link between the device and mobile/tablet

  • Real-time image display

  • Lighting technology for 3D display(for Wrinkle, Pores)


It automatically takes multiple sensors info with one single button so that users do not need to care about its position or details.

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Drive a better experience
with my Beauty Bar.

Together, dermoSmart + beauty Kiosk bar offer the AI solutions you need to drive better choice, improve customer satisfaction, and produce tangible results.


Suitable for events, service counselors on travel, thus easy to pair with any smartphone or tablet that is compatible with most Android and IOS operating systems.

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AI-driven customer engagement

You can enhance the customer relations by sharing results through email or SNS. Make the most of the gathered data through our CRM system and provide the best products and services to your customers with dermobella or mySkin Kiosk app.

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For More Information

Please refer to the brochure for dermoSmart+ below.

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