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Intelligent Solutions.
Powerful Outcomes.

Truly powerful for professional. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, dermoPrime+ is the ideal consultation partner to help captivate your customers’ attention at first glance, boosting your sales and enhancing your products and brand.

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Professional value.

Get to use this professional multi-functional diagnostic device in 2 options through interchangeable lenses; skin lens, hair& scalp lens that would suit any of business or customer requirement. And a lot more to offer for your customers.

This high-resolution wireless diagnosis system offers up to 10 skin measurements and 5 for hair & scalp;

SKIN : Moisture, Sebum, Pores, Wrinkles, Spots/Pigmentation, Impurities, Keratin, Skin Tone, Blackhead, Skin Sensitivity

HAIR : Hair & Scalp Analysis -Scalp condition, Hair density, Sensitivity of scalp, Dead skin cells on scalp, and Hair thickness


The science behind it;


  • Moisture sensor

  • 20+ LEDS

  • Real-time image display via Wi-Fi

  • Advanced optic technology with Interchangeable lens

  • Automatic camera mode selection

  • Built-In UV lamp (for sterilization)

  • Lighting technology for 3D display (for Wrinkle, Pores)


The camera has embedded rechargeable battery which allows it to be portable to use for its own.

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Transform customer care
with Secure & Hygienic solutions.

Compact, ergonomic and minimal are the common ground rules for all Chowis AI solutions, and dermoPrime+ completes its charm with a professional look of its own docking system.

Plus the docking system adds its value by having a built-in UV lamp for sterilization and guarantees each consultation is secure and hygienic, which can be pivotal in this time of era.

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Tailored options
For professional need

The multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software for professional - dermoBella Skin/Hair app. use comes in three versions; Standard, Professional, and Expert giving you the right option what your business requires.

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For More Information

Please refer to the brochure for dermoPrime+ below.

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