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mySkin/Hair PRO

Take control
with optimal technology.
Care Smarter
at a professional level.

Get powerful in-depth analysis with over 5 million pixel sensors and get to know more about your skin/hair and scalp condition at home.



An easier,
better way to take control.

Explore this one single multi-spectral optical unit to provide optimum image quality for Multiple Measurements. It can measure 6 categories each for skin and hair;


SKIN : Moisture, Sebum, Pore, Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Porphyrin

HAIR : Scalp Moisture, Scalp Sebum, Scalp Impurities, Scalp Dead Skin Cells, Hair Density

The science behind is;

  • Over 5 million pixel sensors

  • Moisture sensor

  • Automatic camera mode selection

  • Multi-LED technology: VSL, cross-polarized light  (XPL), Ultra-Violet LED Lights (UVL)

  • Bidirectional communication link between the device and mobile/tablet

  • Real-time image display


It automatically takes multiple sensors info with one single button so that users do not need to care about its position or details.

DermoPrime MockUp 1.jpg



Ergonomic size and button is designed for efficient single-handed operation, allowing easy and quick analysis process to self diagnose.


The docking station provides speedy charging and protects the lens.




APP for Home.
Master your beauty.

Easily connected with mySkin Choice or myHair Choice app in your smartphone, it helps you make smarter choices with your beauty products.

  • Analysis Report

  • Advice for customized treatment

  • Product Recommendation

  • Share result via Email/SNS

  • Track and Record your Data

  • Cloud Connected

  • Multi Language Report : Korean, English, Chinese, Russian

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Please refer to the brochure

for mySkin/Hair PRO below.

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