The skin analyzer that’s light, compact and handy. This smart skin diagnostic technology innovation provides complete skin analysis with guaranteed accurate results. Skin care professionals and brand consultants’ must have handy tool!

The hair diagnostic tool that fits your pocket! This small but powerful device can analyze hair loss type, hair density, scalp keratin and sensitivity plus hair thickness. Hair analysis made simpler yet comprehensive makes Dsharris unparalleled.

Advanced skin diagnostic system make the DpViso stand out among the rest. Its sophisticated design for fast and easy use allows free mobility. Built with its own sterilization set up in its dock, the DpViso provides a wide range of skin analysis unmatched by any other. This is absolutely ideal for any dermatological professional and brand consultants.

The supreme hair analyzer provides comprehensive diagnostic analysis for scalp condition, hair density, dead skin cells on scalp, scalp sensitivity and hair thickness. Hair care professionals and brand consultants will surely benefit from using this amazing and reliable tool.

A unique innovation in skin diagnostics, Dermopico claims a name of its own. Its minimal and compact design can be attached to any smartphone. It’s simple, convenient and easy to use to assist beauty counselors and dermatologists. It offers precise optical algorithms and hydration measurements.