High-Resolution Wireless Diagnosis System

dpHarris is an advanced hair diagnostic system with unparalleled technology. The dpHarris combines stylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of hair images using multi-spectral imaging and proprietary image processing software. dpHarris is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients’ attention at first glance, boosting your sales and enhancing your products & brand.

Wi-Fi & Portable Diagnosis System

ㆍWireless diagnosis system connects handset and tablet/mobile phone
ㆍKeeps your work environment clean and clutter-free
ㆍPortable camera with embedded rechargeable battery

Easy To Use

ㆍBidirectional communication link between dsHarris and mobile/tablet
ㆍAutomatic camera mode selection
ㆍUser-friendly interface

High-Contrast Image and Accurate Analysis

ㆍFast and clear imaging with 5-mega pixel CMOS camera
ㆍAccurate analysis based on the clear images and best aopimized algorithms developed inhouse
ㆍDifferentiated automatic diagnostic process: Dead skin cells, Sensitivity of scalp and Hair thickness

Integrated Analysis

Comprehensive analysis for scalp condition, hair density, dead skin cells and sensitivity of scalp and hairthickness


Various Wi-Fi Functions

ㆍReal-time image transfer via Wi-Fi
ㆍE-mail sent with personalized diagnosis results

One Single Multi-Spectral Optical Unit for Multiple Measurements

ㆍOne optical unit covers all modes

VSL mode: Scalp condition and Hair density

XPL mode: Sensitivity of scalp, Dead skin cells on scalp and Hair thickness

Self-Sterilizing for peace of Mind

Sterilization function (UV light) embedded in the dock

Multiple language support

You can change the language only by selecting an icon in Preferences

Professional & Sophisticated


Power Supply

Max. Dimensions


Measurement Method

Image Modes

Specialized Lens for

Skin Measurement

Support Protocal


Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Output: 12V, 1-2A

Handset: 15 * 6 *7(cm)

Dock: 10.5 * 18.5 * 8(cm)

Handset: 150g approx.

Dock: 515g

Specialized level index(0-99) for each measurement catagory

Scalp condition, Hair density, Dead skin cells on scalp, Scalp Sensitivity, Hair thickness

Multi million image snesor with 2 polarization filters

Multi formatting 20+ LED

Camera button to capture and operate live image streaming

MODE button to switch measurement mode

USB2.0 / Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n / NFC